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Time for some small bits bound together into a blogpost. First of all I have a new monitor which I really like, but that's not really all too interesting for you i guess.

Something more interesting is a package for highlighting Qt/KDE C++ sources in LaTex. I found it at some blog and it looks quite nice. I'm sure to use that when i need to put C++ code into a LaTeX document once.

A bit less recent is the discussion about Canonical's new notification system. Some KDE usability expert wrote a pretty detailed analysis on this proposed notification system. I must say that I'm quite positively surprised with the detail of this analysis. I wasn't that aware that there is much research for free software applications being written. It sure is nice to read about that once and I would like to see more in-depth research regarding free software.

Another find on the internet told me that the laptop screen in my Thinkpad T60 is one of the best laptop screens ever made. I have always been very happy about the screen on my laptop, and this only reassures that my laptop really is kick-ass. It's mine now for 2.5 years and only now do i get the feeling that not-too-expensive notebooks are having better specs than my laptop. I like it a lot.

The last thing I want to share is a lengthy article about QWERTY vs DVORAK keyboard layouts. It seems that the 'DVORAK is better than QWERTY' arguments are mostly false, although I haven't read the entire article yet.

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